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MSD Pro Mag 20
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MSD Ignition Item #: MSD-8 -

    The 81502 is Clock Wise Rotation. The 81602 is Counter Clock Wise Rotation. The increased output of the 20 Amp Pro-Mag was born of racers being racers; always asking for more power. This stemmed from drag racers that were using a 12 Amp system, but just didn’t require a 44 Amp system. The engineers at MSD found that with a few changes to the internals of the generator it would deliver the increased current through the same Electronic Points Box, PN 8106.All three require the PN 8106 Electronic...

    MSD Pro Mag 44 -Big Cap
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    MSD Ignition Item #: MSD-81 -

      The Pro-Mag 44® is the King of all magnetos! Producing an amazing 44 amps of primary current, it’s no wonder that the Pro-Mag 44 is the choice of top fuel dragster and funny car teams! The 44 utilizes a proprietary combination of rare earth magnets and windings to produce its incredible energy. A magnetic pickup is mounted in the lower base of the generator to accurately trigger the eight precision paddles on the reluctor. The pickup is far superior to weak and inaccurate points and never...

      MSD Points Box Pro Mag 12/20
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      MSD Ignition Item #: MSD-8106 -

        The energy from the generator is controlled with Field Effect Transistor (FET) technology, which is far superior to mags still using points as a trigger source. FETs are much more accurate, durable and capable of handling much more current This is why the Pro-Mag is capable of delivering full energy sparks throughout the entire rpm range of the engine, while conventional magnetos fall short of full power at high rpm. Plus, the Electronic Points Box keeps each spark glowing for up to 26 degrees...

        MSD Pro Mag 44 Electronic Points Box -Rev Limiter
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        MSD Ignition Item #: MSD-8147 -

          The magnetic pickup in the generator delivers the trigger signal while the Box takes care of the rest: namely the long duration spark and quick rise time. The MSD electronic circuitry releases the power of the generator to the coil instantly and at full power. The coil instantly produces an incredible shot of voltage to ionize the plug gap. The current then takes over, ensuring that the nitro-methane is ignited! The Electronic Points Box keeps the electricity flowing across the plug for a full...

          44 Plus Coil For MSD Pro-Mags -8142 Replacement
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          Fuel Injection Ent (FIE) Item #: M-28944 -

            This RED OR BLACK 44 Mag coil is designed to handle the high-output of the Mag 44 Plus. The new coil boast over 10% more voltage and more than a 10% increase in spark duration compared to the standard 8142 or old original black version of MSD coil. Besides being a terrific dielectric medium to isolate every turn of copper wire, the special transformer oil inside also allows FIE to fix or repair the coil if anything were to happen to it. Billet aluminum mounting bracket is sold separately. ...

            MSD Pro Mag 44 Coil
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            MSD Ignition Item #: MSD-8142 -

              The coil steps up the current to as much as 45,000 volts while sending over one amp across the plug gap. This high voltage is required to initialize the spark when it’s up against nitro and extreme boost pressures. The Pro-Mag 44 Coil is hand assembled in-house and features over a pound of copper, carefully wound around a unique bobbin molded from DuPont® Rynite™. These windings and internals of the coil are completely encased in epoxy for protection against vibration damage and ensure the...