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    This 12VDC Fuel Enrichment valve boasts 3500 PSI operating pressure, 11 GPM flow (@50 PSI pressure drop), -8 female ports and draws less than 1.7A. The most common use is as an enrichment device in a mechanical fuel injection system. Since this valve is always open until activated, the user would strategically split up the main pill area and put some of it in this valve and the rest in the main pill location on the injection unit.

    When enrichment is desired, the valve is activated and the bypass area in the valve is effectively subtracted from the system causing a richer AFR. For example, screw blower applications typically need enrichment at the top end vs. a lean out. When coupled with a timer, or pressure switch, this valve can be used as a "low speed lean out" by enriching the fuel system off the starting line for the first 80-100'. A richer mixture for best torque off the line needs to be changed well before half track and at that point the valve is switched off (open). This strategy works best with big motors, big blowers in heavier cars with converters.

    This valve can also be used for traction control purposes by exaggerating a rich condition and safely rolling off power when activated. The lightweight aluminum valve body is hard anodized for long life. The assembly includes a brass pill plug, button head plugs in one of the IN and OUT ports, and -6 male fittings for attaching your hoses.

    This body accepts standard Enderle screw-in bypass pills (not supplied). The coil can be rotated to position the non-polarity sensitive leads in any direction desired. The thru holes in the valve body allow bolting the valve to the vehicle with 1/4 socket head cap screws (not supplied). An IN and OUT in each side means easier plumbing...use the port that works for you. The plugged, unused ports can serve as an extra pressure or return port for other purposes.

    Designed to be mounted in-between the barrel valve and the distribution block.

    12 & 16 Volts are okay, 18 Volts intermittently should be fine. 24 Volts Not Recommended

    This valve comes default with gas and methanol compatible seals.