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    FIE designed this little box as a solution to several problems we hear about all the time. Racers who run a crank trigger pickup with their MSD Pro-mag would generally like to still use the pickup inside the magneto selectively. They'd like to utilize different timing between the two trigger sources and be able to switch back and forth between them at will for a start retard for example. Regular changeover switch setups must be on the motor because running the trigger signals all the way to the dash and back can pollute the signals with noise causing misfiring. 

    This device allows the driver to switch between the trigger sources using a remote switch wire. Simply ground the select wire for one trigger signal, unground it for the other. Another common headache is killing a Pro-mag elegantly. The 12 and 20 usually need the two wire harness with deutsch connectors run to the dash. The 44 needs a kill solenoid or an expensive high-current switch to kill it. This box allows the mag to be killed by cutting the trigger signal OFF remotely. 

    With the kill wire grounded, the motor runs. Unground it to kill the engine safely and elegantly from afar. Finally, many customers wish to be able to kill the mag when the master disconnect switch on the vehicle is turned OFF. This device connects to vehicle voltage in order to function. When the power is cut, the mag is killed automatically. The select and kill switches can be placed anywhere on the vehicle and any low current switches can be utilized. The remote wires for this product are only 18 gauge - no heavy high-current wire required. 

    Even if you don't run a crank trigger, this box is a great kill solution for any Pro-mag. Can be used with p/n I-2097 big red kill switch or a toggle kill switch.

    Click for printable schematic!