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    How To Build Big-Inch Chevy Small Blocks
    by Graham Hansen 128 Pages 320 Photos

    Have you been bitten by the big-cube bug? The quest for big cubes doesn’t have to lead to a big block anymore. Now you can add cubic inches to your current power plant without having to swap intakes, headers, motor mounts, and other accessories all at once.
    By building a big-cube small block, you can have all the additional torque and horsepower of a big block, without all the extra weight, expense, and effort. In this book, Graham Hansen takes a step-by-step approach to selecting the best OEM or aftermarket block, crank, rods, and pistons to construct your big-inch short block. He also discusses how to select the best heads, cam, and induction and exhaust systems, specifically for a big-inch engine. In addition, the final chapter includes seven different combinations for big-inch power, complete with dyno graphs!