Billet 18 Volt Milwaukee Rechargeable Battery Mount
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    Ideal for race cars needing a lightweight, durable, vibration-proof power supply.

    Rechargeable Drill Battery Holder is designed to hold any of the Milwaukee M18 series batteries, such as the 2.7ah in the photo above, or larger like the 9ah model if you need more power. These batteries typically charge in about 15 minutes, plenty of time to be ready for the next round, or just get a spare battery and pop one in and you're ready to race!

    For those of you needing a very reliable, easy to get, reasonably priced, lightweight and idiot proof power supply, here's the answer. This billet aluminum bracket is designed to hold 18 volt Milwaukee Lithium-Ion power tool battery (M18 series) that you can get at a hardware store. The bracket that holds the battery and makes electrical contact is mounted on rubber bushings, and will hold the battery short of taking a jackhammer to it.

    Note: Battery and Battery Charger not included, those items are best purchased from a store that stocks Milwaukee Power Tools.